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Concussion Guidelines

Sydenham Lake Canoe Club & Summer Camp follows Canoe Kayak Ontario's Concussion Prevention and Management

In the case of a suspected  concussion, SLCC follows the procedures outlined
in this guide:

GUIDELINES for Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Concussion

Risk Management

In terms of  Risk Management, SLCC functions in accordance with these

OCSRA Code of Safety

SLCC Staff Training

Staff and volunteer leaders in training are required to provide a criminal
record checks, and references. Staff and volunteers are given training on
policy, code of ethics and conduct, and  are required to sign a letter of
consent. Volunteer and staff member always work in a team setting. The child
clients will be supervised by a minimal of two staff members at all times.
Complaint and accident forms will be provided and individuals are encouraged
to bring any complaints or concerns to the Board. Concussion are prevented
by not engaging in contact versions of the sport and managed by employing
standard first aid, contacting the parent, activating EMS services, and
seeking immediate medical attention.