​​Sample Schedule(this is just an example)

Recreational Day Camp

Who We Are:


Adult Programs

8:30 Stretching Exercise

9:00 K1/K2 paddling training(single kayak)

10:00 Snack+ Sunscreen Break

10:30 C1/C2 paddling training(single & double canoe)

11:30 Lunch + Sunscreen 
12:00 Sports, fitness or trail cycling

1:00 Snack + Sunscreen Break 
1:00 Swimming
2:00: C4/K4 paddling training(4 person canoe or kayak)
3:15: Store boats- Snack + Sunscreen

3:30 Cool down

4:00 Departure

​Youth Programs

Sydenham Lake Canoe Club is a small not-for-profit volunteer board-run, paddling club located in Sydenham, Ontario just 15 minutes north of Kingston, Ontario. Through their love of paddling, youth can grow and challenge themselves to improve their physical and emotional well- being. With the help of our supportive staff, they build paddling and leadership skills to last them a lifetime. Sydenham Lake Canoe Club is a family, and we would love to have you be a part of it.

The club offers a skills development programs designed to train paddlers in the sport of competitive sprint canoe and kayak by preparing to them to compete in regional and provincial regattas. We also offer a recreational summer day camp where the participants learn basic paddling skills from our experienced instructors within a multi-sport game-based program. Our programs will help them to develop mental and physical confidence and resilience.

Why should kids have all the fun? Good question! There are many lots of opportunities at SLCC for young and senior adults too. We have found over the years that adults paddle for a number of reasons. To get outdoors, to get exercise, to meet new people who share their interests, to relieve stress, and sometimes even to fulfill their strong desire to compete. SLCC offers beginners and experienced recreational, and competitive program for adults too.

Competitive Day Camp Program

Sample Schedule(this is just an example)

Wonder what competitive paddling is all about ?

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8:30 Arrival/circle games

9:00 Paddle

 Snack + Sunscreen Break

10:20 Craft

11:00 Nature Hike

11:30 Lunch + Sunscreen

12:00  Supervised Free Time: 
12:30 Sports in Field

1:00 Snack + Sunscreen Break 
1:15 Net Fishing 
2:00: Swimming at Point 
3:15: Circle Games

4:00 Departure